Mission/About Us

At Aluma Steel it has always been our commitment to help our customers find a viable solution to a problem that has existed for decades…. the ability to successfully weld aluminum to steel. Since our beginning in 2013 we have helped numerous companies and a few college universities in achieving their goals. When the mechanical science department at the university of Vietnam contacted us to instruct them on how to successfully weld aluminum to stainless steel, we did. Their research was posted in a mechanical science journal. You can find the link to the article in our “science section” of this website.

Aluma Steel

When a major parts manufacturer in India asked us to do something that was considered impossible, weld ceramic infused aluminum to low carbon steel …we did. We relished the opportunity to do something that most people said, ” it couldn’t be done”. Ceramic infused aluminum is not considered weldable let alone welded to steel. And weld it we did!

Aluma Steel Tig Rod

When a major sports equipment manufacturer asked us to weld the first ever Bi metal golf head, aluminum to stainless steel …we did.

And when an aerospace parts manufacturer asked us to show them how to incorporate Bi metal weldments into their tooling and maintenance department…we did.

Since then, we have been advising companies and students all over the world on how to tackle this difficult problem.

The founder Ray Cota was formerly a professional certified welder with many years’ experience in the aerospace field as well as a certified industrial pipe welder for commercial pipe welding manufacturers. It was at the aerospace parts manufacturing company that he first realized that aluminum to steel and stainless steel could be successfully welded by means of Bi Metal transitions. It was then that he developed his own entire product line of bi metal plates and transitions that were specifically designed for use by the average welder and not just aerospace companies.

But he did not stop there. He went on to develop a revolutionary pipe welding tool that minimizes the amount of purging time required before starting on stainless steel and other corrosion resistant materials.

He also developed his own line of purging tools for hard-to-reach places on custom components for certified aerospace applications. Although Ray is retired from the welding field, he still enjoys developing new formulas and techniques, some that will continue to improve current methods being used for this field of welding.